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The aim of GF MICHEL CONSEIL is to guide CEOs and HR managers as they search out and assess candidates for their executive positions.

What we do best: successfully manage the complex process of recruiting a candidate and then integrating them into a company.

Whether we like it or not, recruitment requires method, good time management, commitment, a small degree of instinct and a large amount of objectivity.

So that we can present candidates who are competent and motivated, adaptable, in other words totally suitable, we need to spend time with the company that is to take them on, understand its organisation, its culture, the personality and expectations of the CEO. Only then can we give candidates a true picture of the available positions, and describe the advantages and disadvantages; we must also listen to them and help them achieve their professional ambitions.
We are fully aware of the fact that recruitment is a vital and significant act both for the company and for the candidate, and that it is only by constantly searching for quality that companies like ours can prove our worth and pride ourselves on our effectiveness in achieving progress and change in the service of companies and people.

So many of our clients have expressed their confidence in us, and so with this encouragement we hope to continue to serve their needs.


Francis & Guillaume MICHEL